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PR STUDIO TeamPR STUDIO is a strategic communications and project management firm focused on providing community engagement strategies for complex projects. PR STUDIO provides public and private clients fully-integrated communications and outreach plans, while serving as the project team’s public relations department.

PR STUDIO is a certified women-owned business located in the Roaring Fork Valley of beautiful Western Colorado. PR STUDIO is certified by the State of Colorado as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).

We work with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on public information for major roadway improvements.  Clients include government agencies, municipalities, real estate developers and small business owners. Our industry focus is community development projects, construction, infrastructure and new projects.

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PR STUDIO prides itself on tackling difficult projects and executing challenging communication needs of its clients with forward thinking planning and on-the-ground response.  We don’t just provide quick fixes to appease the public and our clients, rather our goals are to dig deep into the issues, problem solve and render innovative and lasting solutions.  We know that articulating the story behind a project is essential for public support and understanding.  Accomplishing this is a crucial stepping stone to garnering meaningful input from the community that is both authentic and useful.

Closely listening, clearly communicating and thoughtful leadership are how we successfully drive projects forward and make a difference.



Kathleen Wanatowicz
Kathleen Wanatowicz

Kathleen Wanatowicz, founder of PR STUDIO, brings a diverse background and a multidisciplinary skill set to her clients. As a former communications director, business manager, land development manager, asset manager, even recreation manager, Kathleen has held positions in both the public realm and private enterprises. She brings a strategic approach to problem solving and a high level of execution and foresight in project management. A natural leader and forward thinker, Kathleen enjoys making the world a better place by building capacity within an organization, growing community and making a lasting impression. Kathleen has an Executive MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business and a BA from Florida State University.

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Bryana Starbuck
Bryana Starbuck

Bryana Starbuck is an online media and marketing specialist. She is passionate about using new media and technologies as a way to connect individuals and organizations. Her love for community building inspires a thorough and thoughtful approach to communications centered around professionalism, efficiency, integrity and stewardship. The Colorado State University International Studies alumna has a strong background in social media, training, project management and website development.

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Mavis Fitzgerald
Mavis Fitzgerald

Mavis Fitzgerald is a brand and public relations specialist. With a deep background in media relations and brand marketing.

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